Does Your Business Need to Supply Nappy Bins?


When considering your business’ washroom design and provisions, some things are a given. You know you need to provide a basic standard of hygiene provisions, soap and water, but what else should you factor in? More organisations recognise the impact of their washroom design on their wider business and the customer experience. Additional touches and facilities in the washroom can improve the overall experience for any visitor to your premises. Therefore, nappy bins should be a consideration for any business with a high volume of families with young children and infants.

Benefits of providing a family friendly experience

If your business has a large family customer base, then it makes sense to ensure your premises and services meet or even exceed their expectations. A family-friendly experience helps show your customers you care, and that they are your priority. By considering their needs in all areas of your business, including auxiliary provisions such as washrooms, shows they are at the forefront of your mind in all aspects of your business. Customers will recognise this, and it will result in recommendations, word-of-mouth reviews and a positive reputation as a family friendly business.

Should my business supply nappy bins?

Not all organisations need to supply nappy bins, but in many instances, it is a great idea. If you have a large volume of family customers or visitors, then it makes natural sense to provide them with the facilities they need. Nappies are considered sanitary waste and, if not correctly disposed of, it can be considered a threat to human health. There are acts in place which govern how nappy waste should be treated, including: The Environmental Protection Act 1990 This Act demands employers take responsibility for the safe disposal and storage of all waste produced or created on their premises. This includes sanitary waste and, therefore, used nappies. The Water Industries Act 1991 This Act asserts that businesses must ensure the appropriate waste disposal methods are used for the right purposes. Prior to 1991, many organisations would allow sanitary waste to be flushed down the toilet. This causes a range of problems, from blockages to sanitary waste entering the water system when it really shouldn’t. The Water Industries Act works to minimise the risk and stop organisations being irresponsible with sanitary waste. If your business attracts a lot of young families, then chances are they’ll use washroom facilities. You should ensure they do not have to take their used nappies away with them or find them disposed of in an unsafe way.

The other benefits of providing nappy disposal units

Providing customers with easy access to nappy disposal units and baby changing facilities makes their lives easier and removes the stress of being out and about with a young child. Young families often plan their days out with facilities in mind, so if you have a well-appointed washroom with baby changing facilities, including nappy disposal, you will make it onto a lot of family’s visit lists.

What types of businesses need to provide nappy disposal?

Some organisations must provide nappy bins to deliver a proper level of service. Businesses in childcare such as nurseries and play centres should consider nappy disposal essential. Other environments such as supermarkets, leisure and shopping facilities and restaurants should consider nappy disposal provision to be valuable to the customer experience too.

How is nappy waste classified?

As mentioned, nappy waste is classified as sanitary waste. This means it has the potential to cause a threat to public health if not handled and disposed of properly. It isn’t considered hazardous but it could lead to health issues if not correctly removed. You will often see it described as offensive or human hygiene waste too.

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Which washrooms should infant changing and nappy disposal solutions be provided in?

All washrooms should have equal access to baby changing and nappy disposal. Some businesses choose to have a dedicated infant changing space, while others may position it within the female bathroom. The latter is not enough in the modern world where parents of both genders may be out with their child and need to change their nappy. Similarly, it is vital a gender-neutral changing space is available for the comfort and security of all parents and carers. Where possible, businesses should ensure all their washrooms are fully equipped for infant changing and nappy disposal.

Why can’t nappy waste just go in another bin?

Beyond the obvious smell and contamination issues, we’ve explained that nappy waste is considered sanitary waste. Like other bodily fluids, it has to be treated with caution and disposed of safely. Nappy waste shouldn’t be disposed of into the normal waste system. It is not hygienic and can potentially impact public health. Providing on-site facilities ensures your customers do not need to hold onto their used nappies or consider disposing of them unsafely. You do not want to find sanitary waste in your general rubbish, so be sure to provide the correct facilities for your customers.

Does nappy waste need to be collected by a licensed carrier?

There is no obligation to use a licensed carrier for handling nappy waste. However, you do need to ensure it is disposed of appropriately, and this can be time-consuming. There are also strict guidelines around the disposal of sanitary and medical waste, including pre-treatment needed before it can be taken to a landfill. Using a certified waste collection service protects your business and ensures the safe and sanitary disposal of your business’s nappy waste. As well as providing peace of mind, it will also save you time and prove cost-effective in the long run.

Let Citron Hygiene look after your business with our nappy disposal solutions

Citron Hygiene provides a comprehensive service, including the provision of nappy bins. Our nappy bins ensure convenient and hygienic disposal of all nappy changing products, offering a reliable, on-time liner service with frequency levels available to suit your business needs. Get in touch today for a nappy disposal service quote for your business.

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