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Design a Mat to Promote Healthier Lifestyles

In partnership with Milliken and the Crescent Purchasing Consortium, Citron Hygiene is inviting primary schools and children to take part in our latest competition to create a mat design. Building on activities that already take place in schools around promoting healthy eating and active lifestyles, we want you to create a mat design that reflects on the same themes. Your design should be based on the message of healthy eating, an active lifestyle or a combination of both. For example, it could be about free school meals or the impact the lack of food has on the education of children or why you need to eat your greens.

Why Mats?

Asking schools to create mats was a conscious choice. Not only is floorcare essential in preventing accidents in the school environment, but the mats supplied through our manufacturer Milliken are environmentally-friendly and help to protect our oceans too. All mats are made using ECONYL®, a regenerated nylon that is 100% recycled yarn made of waste such as fishing nets, fabric scraps and old carpets.

Supporting Healthy Seas

Through supplying these mats, we are also supporting the Healthy Seas initiative which is a movement that is focused on making positive changes to our seas. Founded in 2013, the impact of the initiative has seen 585 tons of waste fishing nets collected so far thus protecting the beautiful creatures that live in our oceans.

The Winning Design

The winning design will be created into a recycled floor mat by our Manufacturers Milliken and added to their image mat range, which will be available through Citron Hygiene. This means, your winning mat may be supplied to businesses up and down the country and you may even see it out and about. In addition to the above, the winning school will also be presented with their successful designed mat, made free of charge and servicing for 5 months. In addition, the winning child, one friend and an accompanying teacher have the opportunity to visit the manufacturing plant and see their mat being made. There will be prizes for winners and runner-ups too including the option to win sports equipment or even have Citron sponsor an event at your school, which in turn can help schools do more activities that encourage a healthy lifestyle.

How to Get Involved & Enter

To enter, your primary school must be a member of the Crescent Purchasing Consortium. If you’re not already registered, you can get started here. Once you are member, you entries can be submitted below alongside with a few details about the design and your school. Please note, we are only accepting one entry per school. 

Your designs should be of reasonanably good quality once scanned (or photographed), so we recommend using A3 or A4 sized paper if pupils are using traditional pen and paper design methods. Similarly, if designs are done on computer, try and avoid low resolution imagery or assets that could appear pixelated. Modern image mat printing can achieve stunning reproduction quality so we want to ensure the final mat is as beautiful and sharply defined as it can be. 

More information on the competition can be found here or feel free to contact Citron Hygiene or the CPC with any questions you may have about the competition. 

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Closing Date: 30th of November 2021

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