Coronavirus Attitudes & Hygiene Routines Survey – The Findings Are In

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Coronavirus has undoubtably hit the world in many ways changing the way people work, how businesses operate and everyday life as a whole. The pandemic has interfered and affected lives globally which has put the world in the biggest predicament we’ve had to face in hundreds of years.

As the pandemic initially hit, emphasis was heavily placed on how we should minimise risk of virus from spreading any further. People and business have had to take extra hygiene precautions to avoid the spread of the coronavirus which has resulted in constant public changes including closure of public spaces including schools to businesses shutting down temporarily, permanently or shifting online.

The pandemic has inevitably opened our eyes to the results of poor hygiene and our behaviours and attitudes towards hygiene have changed since the start of the pandemic. To explore this in more detail, Citron Hygiene conducted a survey in conjunction with OnePoll which unveiled some interesting findings and the results are in. Conducted with 2000 UK adults, this survey looked at past hygiene behaviour, what habits and behaviours have changed and what attitudes they have towards hygiene now and moving forward.

How Has the Coronavirus Changed our Hygiene Habits?

An Increase in Handwashing & Sanitisation

Medical professionals, health organisations and the governments have consistently enforced the importance of proper hand washing techniques during the pandemic as good hand hygiene has proven to be one of the most important methods in reducing the spread of the virus. The survey has revealed that people have listened to the advice with more people washing their hands for longer. Pre-pandemic only 11% washed their hands for the recommended time of 18-20 seconds (the length of the song Happy Birthday), whereas during the pandemic that figure went up to 25%. People have admitted to washing their hands far more regularly when out and about, especially before and after dining, visiting communal places and home cleaning which is extremely positive and will help combat germs and bacteria moving forward.

By implementing easily accessible hand hygiene stations in and around the workplace or commercial facilities not only will it help the future success of businesses but will also encourage good hygiene standards that could potentially save lives.

Increased Anxiety Over Using Away from Home Toilets

The survey results also show how people’s anxiety over using away from home toilets when out and about has increased. 45% of Brits said they would avoid returning to their favourite restaurant if they had to use an away from home toilet which shows how important delivering the best standards in washroom hygiene will be moving forward. We asked participants what would make people feel more comfortable about using a public washroom and the answers revealed hand sanitiser to use, automatic hands-free fittings such as motion-sensor flushes and air cleaning systems to remove airborne bacteria. With that in mind, are you doing all you can to make your premises as comfortable as possible?

Greater Precaution When Eating Out

Over 70% of diners have testified to avoiding any type of restaurant/café/bar experiences if first impressions didn’t give confidence in protecting customers’ personal hygiene, post pandemic. This is a huge change from pre-pandemic attitudes where social bars and restaurants were bustling and there maybe far fewer hygiene provisions. More people now bear the concern of spreading or catching the virus when out and about and want to whole-heartedly know they can be safe in their surroundings, especially where they decide to eat and dine. A busy, unclean restaurant environment could potentially spread infection and therefore, understandably, people now have subconsciously changed their attitudes to dining and drinking out.

Less Shopping Sprees

58% of shoppers have changed their habits because of how safe/ unsafe they believe the shops to be. In fact, 45% of peoples’ decision to return to their favourite shop is affected by the need to use an away from home toilet. This proves the lack of trust in commercial facilities and the greater need for business to show hygiene excellence in order to get back on the right path. With online sales growing, making sure your retail store or shopping centre is safe and hygienic is vital to give people confidence to return to physical stores.

Working from Home

Home working has nearly doubled over the course of the pandemic boosting the effect of online businesses and encouraging some organisations to take a different view on their organisation in order to enable employees to carry on working from home. Nearly 40% of employees won’t be returning to their workplace as normal post-pandemic. This could be related to the closure of companies or the fact that their organisation has decided to carry on working more remotely, adopting a more flexible working culture. Results from Citron Hygiene’s survey reveals 27% people are actually fearful to return to work, highlighting the importance of excellent hygiene in the workplace so that employees feel safe and comfortable, improving business productivity and success.

Fewer Holidays Abroad

An airport can often be a hub of disease and illness, therefore, to reduce the risk of the virus spreading further across the globe air transport and holidays had to take a back seat. Flights all over the world have been heavily reduced, with restrictions now on unnecessary travel.

56% people have actually said they will less likely be travelling on public transport, including planes, since the coronavirus pandemic due to the lack of hygiene in the past and increased risk of illness. However, this will most likely change as confidence is built between the airports and passengers, ensuring hygiene measures are greatly put in place and strictly followed by fellow travellers.

Changing Your Business to Meet Customers’ Hygiene Needs

Investing in effective hygiene measures for your business will be the key to driving success and promoting a positive customer experience moving forward from the pandemic. 67% of people say they are more afraid of germs and conscious of hygiene now than before the coronavirus pandemic therefore it’s vital businesses implement the correct hygiene measures.  While people feel may hesitant right now about returning to ‘normal,’ there are steps that can be taken to make employees, customers and visitors feel safe and re-assured.

Many changes have taken place globally which have majorly affected businesses and organisations, however, with hygiene best practices put in place such as social distancing measures, regular cleaning of your premises and hand hygiene solutions on hand, organisations will be able to get back to business with the confidence of employees, customers and visitors backing them up.

Citron Hygiene Can Help!

No matter what sort of business you own, Citron Hygiene can help you implement the right hygiene solutions to encourage people to return to your business and maintain a healthy space moving forward.

Citron Hygiene are passionate about building healthy spaces for businesses with our range of expert hygiene services and products. To find out more about how we can help, get in contact with our friendly team today to discuss your business’ requirements at this critical time.

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