‘Bag it and Bin it’ – How To Properly Deal with Sanitary Waste Bins

The Importance of Proper Sanitary Waste Disposal

Avoid Blockages

Failure to provide feminine hygiene facilities can lead to some unwanted issues. Providing sanitary disposal bags and period product disposal units helps to dissuade users from flushing their sanitary waste down the toilet. Doing this can cause blockages in the washrooms pipework, which can be an expensive problem to fix.

Improve Hygiene

Sanitary waste disposal bins can become very unhygienic and pose a serious risk to health if they are not properly maintained. Bacteria can survive on hard surfaces and this means poorly maintained feminine hygiene units can become breeding grounds for harmful bacteria. It is important to take the right hygiene precautions to prevent waste disposal bins from becoming a danger to people’s health and well-being.

This is why all Sanitary bins from Citron Hygiene include an ecard, a natural based germicide, which is proven to kill 99.999% of germs. This reduces the levels of harmful bacteria in the actual units and helps to control odours.

Comply to Sanitary Waste Legislation

There are a number of legislative acts that businesses must adhere to when disposing of waste. These include the Environmental Protection Act of 1990, The Water Industries Act of 1991 and The Workplace Regulations Act of 1992. Each of these acts presents regulations that must be followed to stay the right side of the law.

Failure to adhere to these regulations can lead to hefty fines and cause significant damage to the reputation of your business. Legislation can be confusing, and it can be very time consuming to understand the full details. This is where hiring waste disposal experts makes business sense. The Citron Hygiene team undergo intensive training to ensure that government legislation is adhered to, protecting your business from falling foul of the regulations.

Safe Disposal of Sanitary Waste

In 1955, Citron Hygiene were the first company to introduce a feminine hygiene disposal service and we have continued to lead the way in sanitary waste disposal since.

Our sanitary waste disposal service provides your business with hygienic disposal bins that are dealt with by our highly trained and experienced hygiene technicians. We have also partnered with FabLittleBag to supply businesses with sanitary disposal bags to allow users’ to dispose of their waste hygienically and safely.

Find out more about Citron’s sanitary bin services or contact a member of our team to discuss installing appropriate sanitary waste facilities in your company’s washrooms.

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