Are sanitary towels clinical waste? And how should your business deal with them?

Citron Hygiene's Hygeia and Surface Sanitiser In Washroom Cubicle

Offensive waste

For these businesses, feminine hygiene waste needs to be handled separately from the day-to-day municipal wastes (black bag). Although sanitary waste contains body fluids it is classified as ‘offensive’ (EWC 20 01 99) under Safe Management of Healthcare Waste Guidance (Department of Health, Dec 2006) Offensive waste is any non-clinical waste that, while unpleasant to anyone who comes into contact with it, is not infectious.

Used feminine hygiene products can carry bacteria that needs to be neutralised effectively when being disposed of such as, Albicans Candida (responsible for thrush) or Neisseria Gonorrhea (gonorrhoea) which can prove a danger to human health if not dealt with correctly.

Unfortunately, treating sanitary waste units with spray germicides isn’t always enough to kill these infections, Whilst the unit’s internal surfaces are treated, they often do little to treat the waste deposited. A far more effective treatment is vapour action, such as Citron Hygiene’s ActivapTM which penetrates through the waste to kill bacteria and odours during the whole service interval.

First for feminine hygiene waste disposal

Citron Hygiene was the first ever company to set up a feminine hygiene service way back in the 1950s and we are still going strong today. This long history means we are experts at dealing with sanitary waste and know that replacing the entire sanitary unit rather than just a liner is the most hygienic way handling this waste.

Continuing to lead the way, Citron Hygiene now disposes of AHP waste from the South East of England using a shredding and composting process, helping to divert millions of hygiene products away from landfill or incineration

Duty of Care

Under Section 34 of The Environmental Protection Act 1990, all business that produce waste have to ensure it is managed effectively. This includes having a Duty of Care Waste Transfer Note to describe what the waste is, how it is contained and the details and signatures of whom the transfer is between. Sanitary waste disposal is no exception; however Citron Hygiene can take care of this for customers annually.

For more information on how to deal with feminine hygiene waste contact the knowledgeable team at Citron Hygiene.

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