Are Hygiene Habits Amongst UK Adults Relaxing Since the Pandemic Started?

According to recent research, hygiene habits amongst UK adults are relaxing… 

  • As we enter the tenth month of lockdown, research from leading hygiene services provider Citron Hygiene suggests hygiene habits across the UK have relaxed since July 2020.
  • 43% are still unsure about returning to their favourite bars and restaurants
  • Only 53% plan to stay at home during winter months irrespective of lockdown restrictions

Despite the ongoing impact of the Coronavirus pandemic and England-wide lockdown, a quarter of adults don’t wash their hands after coughing and 16 per cent will even sneeze while covering their mouths without sanitising afterwards.

The study of 2,000 UK adults found a third admitted the increase in Coronavirus cases had no bearing on how important they thought it was to wash more regularly.

Latest Hygiene Habits in the UK

In fact, while the average person spent 19 seconds soaping their hands in July following the first wave, this has now dropped to just 16 seconds.

But diligent adults are still washing and sanitising their hands eight times-a-day – the same as they did during the previous lockdown.

The study, by leading hygiene services provider Citron Hygiene, also found that 43 per cent of said having to use an ‘away from home’ washroom has affected their decision to return to favourite shops, restaurants, or bars.

This is despite more than half considering public spaces to be cleaner now than they were six months ago. Hand sanitisers at the exits and motion sensors to keep things ‘ hands-free’ are among the top things that would help people feel more comfortable when using a public washroom.

Installing air cleaning systems to remove airborne bacteria and having something to open the door with other than your hand are also still popular choices.

Robert Guice, executive vice president, international, at Citron Hygiene said: “A lot has happened in the last few months. Our hygiene and the way we fight germs is still as important now as it was back when we were emerging from the first lockdown.”

The study also found that 55 per cent of adults claim to feel the same about washing or sanitising their hands now as they did earlier in the pandemic.

But 28 per cent have now become more relaxed because they haven’t become infected with the virus yet.

Robert adds: “It’s comforting that a lot of people still have the same mindset, but it’s worrying to see that some have relaxed their hygiene practises or observation of social distancing rules as we enter the tenth month of the pandemic.”

At the other end of the scale, 45 per cent are more concerned about practising good hygiene in a bid to avoid further or longer lockdowns.

According to the study conducted via OnePoll, two-thirds believe the reason for an increase in Coronavirus cases is because people have become more relaxed with their hygiene and social distancing.

More than half (53 per cent) even plan on staying at home more during the winter months regardless of whether the national lockdown restrictions have been lifted.

Four in 10 are less likely to use public transport in the future, compared to the 56% who said the same in July. This suggests that confidence in the measures in place on public transport has increased.

In light of the ever-changing lockdown rules, 47 per cent will be changing their future shopping habits to prevent catching or spreading the virus.

Robert added: “We will definitely see a shift in the way people go about their daily lives from now on.

“And it is a reminder that simple things such as washing or sanitising our hands is so important, not only for our own health but for those around us too.”

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About the survey

Research conducted between 12th and 17th November 2020 by OnePoll, with a panel of 2,000 UK adults.

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