70% of Facilities Managers Say Their Role is More Important Post-Pandemic

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Our recent study has found keeping healthy and a well-maintained premises ranks in high importance

As Covid-19 restrictions eased during Summer 2021 and as more people returned to the workplace, the role of hygiene and the role of facilities managers was more important than ever before.

In recent research conducted by Citron Hygiene UK, 70% of facility managers say post-pandemic their role is more important than ever to keep the workforce safe in the months ahead, in the immediate and long-term future. Ensuring that workplaces and facilities demonstrate high hygiene and are well-maintained is an ongoing process that requires thought, organisation and efficiency from facility managers, no matter the size of business.

Hygiene Measures Should be Visible

The expectation of hygiene measures from all staff members and visitors from the first point of contact to the washroom needs to be clear and visible. Maintenance of washrooms plays a key role in ensuring safe premises from ensuring products such as hand soap are stocked to ensuring hand dryers are working to using air purifiers that can destroy harmful bacteria and germs in the air. Thinking about all the washroom hygiene solutions required will ensure high hygiene and cleaning levels are adhered to.

The Costs of Effective Facility Management

Prioritising a safe and hygienic working environment will mean expectations for Facility Managers will remain high while expectations from employees, customers and visitors around hygiene will also be greater than ever. This is why using an outsourced hygiene solutions provider can help.

Our research found more than 53% of facilities managers who currently work with an outsourced provider claimed they are a valuable source of support while, 40% reported they represent good value for money.

Build a Healthier Space with Citron Hygiene

Citron Hygiene can help alleviate some of the pressure and ensure your workplace is hygienic and safe with our range of quality, innovative solutions.

Our solutions are trusted across the globe by many organisations giving peace of mind to all those who walk through the doors of your business. We have over 40 years’ of experience with organisations of all sizes with our best-in-class customer service, flexible contracts, and supply innovative products to answer that your business’ hygiene challenges.

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