What Does a Period-Friendly World Look Like?

Aunt Flow Free-Vend Menstrual Product Dispenser

As we approach Menstrual Hygiene Day on May 28th, it’s crucial to recognise the significance of this day and reflect on what a period-friendly world looks like. This year’s theme, “Period Friendly World,” prompts us to envision a society where menstruation is not a barrier to equality, health, and dignity. At Citron Hygiene we’re committed to contributing to this through our range of period dignity hygiene solutions.

What is Menstrual Hygiene Day?

Menstrual Hygiene Day was founded in 2014 by WASH United, this annual observance has since grown into a global platform, supported by various organisations, governments, and individuals passionate about menstrual equity. It raises awareness about the importance of good menstrual hygiene management and to break taboos surrounding menstruation. It’s a day to advocate for the rights of individuals who menstruate and to ensure that they have access to safe and dignified menstrual products, facilities, and education.

What does a ‘Period-friendly’ world look like?

A period friendly world means a lot of things. It’s creating  a world where menstruation is normalised, and individuals are not stigmatised or discriminated against because of their menstrual cycle, no matter where they are. It’s a place where everyone, has access to affordable and quality menstrual products, as well as proper sanitation facilities. Access to menstrual health education is available and inclusive and people have access to tax free period products, dignified disposal methods and hygienic sanitary facilities.  Let’s look at these points in more depth.

Access to menstrual products

Access to menstrual products is a fundamental right, not a privilege. In a period-friendly world, everyone has access to affordable and quality menstrual products, whether they are pads, tampons, menstrual cups, or reusable cloth pads.


Comprehensive menstrual health education is integral to combatting stigma, debunking myths, and empowering individuals to make informed choices about their bodies. A period-friendly world prioritises inclusive and age-appropriate menstrual education in schools, communities, and healthcare settings.

Safe and hygienic facilities

Adequate sanitation facilities are essential for managing menstruation hygienically and with dignity. Public washrooms, schools, workplaces, and other communal spaces are equipped with clean and accessible toilets, working handwashing and drying facilities, and disposal options for menstrual waste.

Tax-Free Period Products

Removing taxes on menstrual products is a huge step toward making them affordable for everyone. In a period-friendly world, menstrual products are tax-free, acknowledging them as essential items rather than a luxury. This policy helps reduce the financial burden and shows greater accessibility.

Free Period Products in Public Washrooms

Providing free period products in public washrooms is a great way to support menstrual accessibility. A period-friendly world offers free menstrual products for public washrooms in schools, workplaces, and community centres, ensuring that no one has to face being caught without essential supplies.

Citron Hygiene’s Contribution to a Period-friendly World

At Citron Hygiene we are proud to be champions of menstrual hygiene and advocates for a period-friendly world. Through our innovative washroom hygiene solutions, we are making a tangible difference in promoting menstrual health.

Sanitary Disposal Solutions

Hygienic disposal options are essential for maintaining cleanliness and dignity in public washrooms. From minimising the spread of germs and reducing plumbing issues, our range of sanitary bins enable washroom users to dispose of menstrual waste safely.

Sanitary product bags

Our discreet and environmentally friendly sanitary disposal bags offer a hygienic solution for the responsible disposal of menstrual waste, preventing blockages in sewage systems and minimising environmental impact.

Aunt Flow; Free menstrual hygiene products vendor

We believe that access to free menstrual products should be a right, in the same way hand soap and toilet paper is. Supporting Period Dignity, businesses can provide free menstrual products to their visitors, staff and students by installing Aunt Flow free vend dispensers. This supports wellbeing and removes financial barriers to accessing menstrual items.  Citron Hygiene will service your units and restock them to ensure products are always available when they are needed.

Washroom hygiene solutions

Beyond menstrual hygiene, we provide a comprehensive range of washroom hygiene solutions as this is key in creating a period-friendly world. When managing periods, menstruators should have access to water, soap, and other sanitary facilities.
We believe everyone deserves access to clean and hygienic washrooms to fully participate in their work, social activities and education. We are committed to promoting Period Dignity through our solutions, ensuring that every individual has access to the necessary hygiene facilities.

Here’s how you can get involved!

·      Advocate for menstrual equity in your community and beyond.
·       Support Menstrual Hygiene Day initiatives and campaigns.
·       Educate yourself and others about menstrual health and hygiene.
·       Explore our range of hygiene solutions and discover how you can make a difference.

Join us in creating period-friendly washrooms and promoting period equity.

Citron Hygiene partners with businesses like yours to help them create period dignity washrooms, and contribute towards menstrual equity with their products and solutions.
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