Children Step by Step Handwashing Poster (Printable)

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Help kids learn about the importance of hand washing and stop them forgetting with our free printable poster for schools, nurseries and other businesses where children come and go such as restaurants and shopping centres.

Washing our hands is one of the most effective ways to remove germs, but getting kids to remember to wash their hands before they eat or after using the bathroom can be tricky!

Our handwashing guide covers the basics with easy to understand instructions and colourful diagrams to help children make effective hand hygiene a regular habit. They can be engaged further by teaching them to sing the happy birthday song twice as they wash, ensuring a thorough cleaning time of over 20 seconds.

Our ‘wash your hands when’ section reminds kids of the most important times to wash their hands, to help then remember and form life-long hand washing routines.

The Importance of Handwashing for Kids

Regular and thorough handwashing is critical in maintaining good personal hygiene, and helping to minimise the risk of spreading germs and viruses inside and outside of the home. Good hand hygiene has a significant impact on health, and encourages the development of other good hygiene practices. By helping children develop good handwashing practices at a young age, you are cementing positive practices that will help keep them, and those around them, more healthy in the future.

Free hand washing technique poster for children mock-up for PDF downloadable from Citron Hygiene

Where to Display Your Hand Washing Poster

This poster is likely to be most effective when displayed in prominent locations around bathroom sinks and in toilet cubicles where it can be easily seen. It may also be displayed on the back of bathroom doors, and even in classrooms where it will be seen often.

Download the Poster

Download your free handwashing for children poster

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