What Citron can do for you

Prepare Consignment Notes, provide you with a Hazardous Waste Consignee Returns report every quarter  and payment of the fee to The Environment Agency ( a requirement of the Regulations). The charge for each collection will be £10

What we need you to do as an existing proposed Citron customer

We need you to tell us: Which waste is hazardous, as some wastes we collect may be hazardous and some not (you should also refer to the Citron Guidance/flowchart as to which wastes are always hazardous wastes and Citron can only collect as hazardous. In order for us to provide you with a service, the Citron Hazardous Waste Reply Form (England and Wales) needs to be completed and returned by e-mail to hazardous@citronhygiene.com, or post.

If you require any further assistance you can contact our Environmental and Hazardous Waste Team either by telephone on 01524 595585 or by e-mail on info@citronhygiene.com 

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