Announcing the Launch of EcoBreeze


Citron Hygiene is innovating the washroom space with EcoBreeze – a highly effective, sustainable air purification device with IoT capabilities, allowing tracking of traffic, humidity, and temperature while maintaining privacy of washroom users.

The advanced data will help your management teams in several ways from understanding when the peak periods are for cleaning, being able to target malfunctioning climate control to knowing when there are spikes in humidity and when water is running.

Features of the EcoBreeze

EcoBreeze is a sustainable air purification solution, free of ozone, chemicals, aerosols and biocides. A fan draws air in and passes it through a carbon filter impregnated with copper and silver to trap VOCs and microbes within its honeycomb structure.

The impressive range of features, as well as efficient tracking measures separate this product from its competitors. Let’s take a closer look at these features.

Air conditioner temperature and room temperature – Monitor the temperature of the washroom and adjust settings based on weather.

Humidity – Check humidity levels and prevent them from becoming too high.

Locations – The portal allows you to drill down by customer, by location, by washroom and even by each individual dispenser. This allows you to analyse data at a micro and macro level. This can then be exported for later use and easy generation of statistics in reports.

Citron Hygiene EcoBreeze

Take a breath of fresh air!

Improve indoor air quality & reduce odours with the EcoBreeze Air Purifier

Air Conditioner and Filtration

Traditional AC units typically only provide cool air to a room without filtering harmful air pollutants. However, EcoBreeze can air condition washrooms and remove large particles like dust, hair and pollen from the air using an electrostatic pre-filter.

The air is then passed through a honeycomb carbon filter, trapping these toxins, pathogens and odours to create a better, safer washroom experience for your visitors and employees.

Using central air conditioners can be extremely expensive to repair and difficult to control, however the cost-efficient EcoBreeze’s entire cooling process is automated, allowing you to focus your air-cooling efforts where they’re needed within the washroom.

Air Freshener

The EcoBreeze purifies and fragrances the air, with a variety of aromas available to suit your commercial washroom. Some of these include:

  1. Sea Spray
  2. Tango Max
  3. Tropical Heaven
  4. Green Tea

These are just a few of the many scents offered to give your washroom facilities a pleasant and unique smell. Choose a fragrance that complements your brand or even change the aroma at different times throughout the year. Alternatively, if you would like air purification and odour management without a fragrance, EcoBreeze can be used fragrance-free.

Long Lasting

Our units work effectively for up to 4 weeks and Citron Hygiene offer 3 servicing frequencies:

  • 7 days
  • 14 days
  • 28 days

Servicing ensures that the product is working as efficiently as possible. This involves clearing the filter and refilling the air freshener.

Hot Air Humidity Limit

Thanks to the incredible tracking of essential metrics through a wi-fi connection, you can monitor the humidity level of a room and set the limit on this by changing your preferences. In periods such as Summer where internal temperatures and humidity are often high, you can ensure you’re always providing a comfortable washroom experience.


Rising costs of energy are a very real concern for businesses right now. In the current climate, finding energy-efficient solutions is essential to keep costs low. Luckily, the EcoBreeze is highly cost and energy-efficient with a consumption of less than 5 watts which is similar to one small LED downlight. This means the average daily consumable cost is less than 25p per day for a system that covers up to 28 cubic metres.

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EcoBreeze is an incredible air purification product for commercial washrooms. Alongside the data that will benefit your business, installing this product will enhance the experience for your washroom users. Speak to our team to get a quote today.

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