Professional Disinfection Services

As business operations and demand increases, to reassure your staff and customers that your facility is safe, you want to invest in additional precautionary measures. This commitment to safety and hygiene can help to bring customers and employees through the door and make them feel confident in using your facilities. 

While daily cleaning of surfaces and equipment is advised by the UK Government to minimise infection transmission, professional disinfection can provide an additional layer of protection. 

Cleaning can tackle surface level germs while disinfection works to eliminate germs that cause viruses such as covid-19 and the common cold or bacteria to ensure surfaces/equipment are not harmful to those who come into contact with them. 

Disinfect to Protect with Our Extensive Range of Solutions

Citron Hygiene understand it’s not a one size fits all approach which is why we offer 4 professional disinfection solutions to cater to different business requirements. Whether you’re a business that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to a business with multi or single site locations, no business has to miss out on the power of disinfection with a range of options to suit your budget too.

From our effective fogging service, Sani-Defence to superior surface protection treatment Sani-Shield that uses AEGIS, we service all types of companies from various sectors. Browse our solutions:

Not sure on the right Sani-Service for you? Get in touch with our team who can provide expert advice. 

Flexible Service Solutions 

Our hygiene technicians have been thoroughly trained in all our disinfection services including on the correct management of any chemicals used to ensure safety for all your staff, guests and visitors. Our technicians can carry out services on an entirely flexible basis offering one-off cleaning if you have a suspected case of covid-19 in your organisation to ongoing services for ongoing protection from not just coronavirus but other viruses and bacteria too. 

With hygiene service centres across the UK, your business could benefit from professional disinfection – no matter where you are based. All our disinfection services come with a certificate that can be displayed to show all who come and go the steps you are taking in creating a safe environment and to present that you are putting hygiene and well-being first. 

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