Added Protection Against Microbes

Redefine the concept of clean with SaniShield™. Using AEGIS®, surfaces will receive an antimicrobial treatment that provides added protection against bacteria, mould, mildew, algae and yeast for a prolonged period of up to 12 months.

SaniShield™ provides superior surface protection when combined with daily cleaning and disinfecting practices.

Full Details

Surface Protection when it Matters

Antimicrobial Power
SaniShield™ is an antimicrobial treatment that protects surfaces against bacteria and other impurities by forming a protective coating that molecularly bonds with surfaces during application.

The protective coating inhibits untreated vs treated surface sani shield antimicrobial treatment aegisthe growth of microbes on surfaces.

Clean Surfaces
The antimicrobial treatment allows surfaces to remain cleaner than ever before. Provide your employees and customers with peace-of-mind by better protecting the surfaces they interact with each day.

SaniShield™ remains active 24/7 for an added level of surface protection. Independent studies have proven the effectiveness of AEGIS® Microbe Shield demonstrating a 98% decrease in microbe contamination compared to untreated surfaces.

Product Overview

Surface Protection

• SaniShield™ ensures long-lasting antimicrobial efficacy.
• Coating is effective on both hard and soft surfaces, including glass, fabric, metal, and plastic.
• Inhibits the growth of bacteria, helping surfaces to stay cleaner, fresher for longer.

how aegis works

Long-Lasting Surface Protection

Globally registered, AEGIS® is the world’s most widely used antimicrobial surface treatment.
When applied to surfaces, AEGIS® forms a colourless, odourless, positively charged polymer that attracts, then electrocutes, ruptures, and disintegrates a microbe’s negatively charged cell

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