Commercial Washroom Hygiene Solutions

The importance of safe and hygienic washrooms in commercial facilities

Every commercial business has at least one washroom on its premises, whether it’s used for just your employees, or has extended use for clients, visitors, and customers. No matter how many washrooms your establishment has, it is your responsibility to ensure they are sanitary, clean, and hygienic every day. However, when running your business this can be the last thing on your mind.

By having clean and hygienic washrooms, you can reduce staff absenteeism by preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses, increasing your profits and company productivity. Yet, there are many other benefits your commercial business can reap when it provides hygienic and inclusive washrooms, including:

  • Increase staff performance and productivity
  • educe ongoing maintenance costs
  • Improve staff wellbeing
  • Provide a legally safe environment
  • Improve business and brand recognition

While you focus on running a busy manufacturing facility, rely on Citron Hygiene for our complete range of cost-effective washroom solutions that can keep your workforce safe, and provide a positive employee washroom experience.

Provide High Quality Washroom Facilities

Keep your staff safe

Citron Hygiene’s range of comprehensive washroom solutions, which include sanitary waste bins, effective hand soap and sanitiser dispensers, and air purifiers, are designed to keep your workforce safe, and enhance the washroom experience. We pride ourselves on delivering reliable and on-time service, ensuring you never have to chase your washroom service provider to carry out the service they have promised

Extend your brand and culture to your washrooms

Did you know that 90% of customers would judge an operator on the quality of its washroom, and 94% of customers would never return if its washrooms had poor hygiene levels? Therefore, not only is a clean and hygienic washroom important in keeping your staff and visitors safe from harmful germs and bacteria, but it also plays a key role in the overall customer and employee experience. You can also go one step further to ensure your employees and customers feel cared for by providing free period products and in-cubicle, touch-free sanitary hygiene disposal solutions. In turn, this can improve employee retention and demonstrate a commitment to employee wellbeing.

Our washroom solutions

Why trust Citron Hygiene with your washroom facilities

At Citron Hygiene, we know the challenge of keeping your commercial washrooms clean, hygienic, and safe. But by partnering with us, you can expect on-time, reliable service with solutions designed to enhance the washroom experience for your staff and customers. Contact us today to see how we can manage your commercial washroom facilities.

Other benefits of partnering with us

  • We’re environmentally conscious in our operations and products
  • We’re committed to promoting menstrual equity by only offering free-vend sanitary pad and tampon dispensers
  • We work with industry-leading, innovative suppliers
  • We work in neutral carbon zones to offset emissions
  • We’re a company that puts social value at the forefront

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