Wales Legislation

Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005

The Hazardous Waste Regulations replaced The Special Waste Regulations in England & Wales from 16th July 2005. Clinical, dental & medicinal wastes are affected by these Regulations. The responsibility for determining if waste is hazardous rests with the Producer, although Citron can assist & advise as outlined below.

The Citron requirements & charges below are due to The Regulations specifying fees to be paid to The Environment Agency for both Annual Premises Registration & every individual Consignment. They also include costs incurred by Citron in carrying out requirements of the Regulations.

The current position regarding the types of waste collected by Citron is:

Feminine hygiene, nappy & incontinence wastes (now referred to as ‘offensive wastes’) are not classed as hazardous waste. If any waste of this type is believed to be infectious it should be classed as clinical waste and dealt with as in the section below

Soft / hard clinical waste (i.e. clinical bags & units), sharps and pharmi -sharps, hard clinical waste containers

This waste may be classed as hazardous due to its infectious nature. The Department of Health produced important new guidance in December 2006 in ‘HTM 07-01 Safe Management of Healthcare Waste’, which has since been update in March 2013 and can be downloaded below.

An important aspect of this Guidance is whether clinical waste is from a healthcare or non-healthcare activity and how that affects whether it needs to be consigned as hazardous waste.  

The UK Environment Agencies have produced Guidance in ‘Waste Classification and Assessment - Technical Guidance WM3’ ) on determining if your waste is hazardous

Citron Hygiene has produced interpretation of these documents as they relate to our Customers in the form of a Hazardous Waste Flowchart with associated guidance notes. The Citron Guidance and relevant extracts from the above documents can also be downloaded below.

Dental waste

Amalgam / spent capsules, x-ray developer & fixer are always hazardous wastes under the Regulations.


Although previously prescription only medicines were always special waste, only cytotoxic & cytostatic medicines are hazardous under the new Regulations. Although cytotoxic medicines are well recognised, cytostatic medicines are not defined in UK legislation.

 In June 2010 new Citron guidance based on Environment Agencies and Department of Health Guidance was produced and can be downloaded below.

If you produce hazardous waste

Your Premises need to be registered to Natural Resources Wales annually before hazardous waste is removed, for which a fee is payable. We will be unable to collect hazardous waste unless your Premises are Registered or qualify as exempt from Registration (but only from Annual Registration and not Consignment Notes for each collection)

Your Premises can be exempt from Premises Registration if you produce less than 500kg of hazardous waste in total in any 12 month period, of all types not just those collected by Citron. 

All hazardous waste removed (other than that from private households) must be accompanied by Consignment Notes and the appropriate fee for each collection paid quarterly to Natural Resources Wales by ourselves. This applies even if you are exempt from Annual Premises Registration as outlined above

You must not mix hazardous with non-hazardous waste

What Citron can do for you

Register each of your premises annually if producing hazardous waste and are not exempt from registration with Natural Resources Wales for a fee of £50 per annum. If you register yourselves (charges vary depending on the method of registration – refer to Natural Resources Wales on 0300 065 3000 or at or are notified by other Contractors we will need confirmation of that & other information e.g. your 2003 SIC code.

If we register on your behalf, provide you with your Premises Code as confirmation (which may be needed to dispose of other hazardous wastes)

Citron will also prepare Consignment Notes for the collection of hazardous waste, provide your required copy on collection, send you a quarterly report confirming delivery of your hazardous waste to an appropriately authorised site known as a ‘Consignee’s Return’ (a requirement of the Regulations) & payment of the fee to The Environment Agency. The charge for each collection is £10, invoiced monthly in arrears.

What we need you to do as our Customer

We need you to tell us:

which waste is hazardous, as some wastes we collect may be hazardous and some not (you should also refer to the Citron Hazardous Waste Assessment Guidance/Flowchart as to which wastes are always hazardous wastes and Citron can only collect as hazardous)

if your Premises is registered (and if so, details of Registration) or if you are exempt from Registration or if you wish to Citron to register you & maintain that Registration annually for which a charge of £50 per annum will apply (Please note: exemption from Registration does not exempt Customers with hazardous waste from Consignment Notes for each collection & hence relevant charges)

In order for us to continue to provide you with a service, the Citron Hygiene Reply Form needs to  be completed.

If you need help

If you require any further assistance you can contact our Environmental and Hazardous Waste Team by telephone on 0330 058 0854 or by e-mail on