England Legislation

From 1 April 2016, premises in England no longer need to register as hazardous waste producers with the Environment Agency.

To accommodate the removal of premises registration in England, the format of the consignment note code regardless of the amount of hazardous waste produced has be replaced with the first six letters or numbers of the business name that produced the waste, 'EXEMPT' will no longer be used. If the business name has less than 6 letters/numbers the letter 'Q' will be assigned to remaining characters. The second set of characters will continue to be five numbers or letters to produce a unique code for that collection.

The requirement for a SIC 2003 code on the consignment note has also change. The change to the Hazardous Waste Regulations from 1 April 2016, specifying SIC 2007 which matches the requirements for waste transfer notes (for non-hazardous waste).

All hazardous waste removed will need to be accompanied by Consignment Notes and the appropriate fee paid quarterly to The Environment Agency.

What Citron can do for you

Prepare Consignment Notes, provide you with a Hazardous Waste Consignee Returns report every quarter  and payment of the fee to The Environment Agency ( a requirement of the Regulations). The charge for each collection will be £10

What we need you to do as an existing proposed Citron customer

We need you to tell us: Which waste is hazardous, as some wastes we collect may be hazardous and some not (you should also refer to the Citron Guidance/flowchart as to which wastes are always hazardous wastes and Citron can only collect as hazardous. In order for us to provide you with a service, the Citron Hazardous Waste Reply Form (England and Wales) needs to be completed and returned by e-mail to hazardous@citronhygiene.com, or post.

If you require any further assistance you can contact our Environmental and Hazardous Waste Team either by telephone on 01524 595585 or by e-mail on hazardous@citronhygiene.com 

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