Citron Hygiene Goes Back to School for Global Handwashing Day.

Hand Hygiene

As part of our commitment to Global Handwashing Day, Citron Hygiene are heading back to the classroom, raising awareness of the importance of handwashing in a fun and interactive presentation. The Global Handwashing Partnership, organisers of Global Handwashing Day, estimate that 1.7 million children globally die from preventable illnesses, such as diarrhea & pneumonia,  each year. This staggering number could be vastly reduced by the simple act of washing hands properly, a message that forms the basis of our school presentation.

Handwashing School Presentation

Written in easy to understand points, the presentation firstly highlights the key reasons why we should all wash our hands:

  • Billions of bacteria live on your hands
  • These bugs can make you poorly
  • You can also pass these germs to other people you touch and make them poorly too
  • The bugs transfer to any surfaces you touch.

It then goes on to list the most important times to wash your hands such as before eating, after going to the toilet, playing with pets or playing outside, and provides a seven-step guide to how to wash your hands properly. Included in this is the reminder that they need to make sure their washing them for long enough and that a good way to ensure this is by singing Happy Birthday twice as you wash – the perfect opportunity for a class sing-a-long!

Throughout the presentation the key message is that effective hand washing not only keeps you, your friends and family healthy, but that ultimately it can save lives. This is reinforced by the final slides of the presentation that combine two things that save lives, namely washing hands and superheroes! Therefore, the presentation concludes, “If you wash your hands you will be a Superhero!”

To support the schools presentation and to further raise awareness of both Global Handwashing Day and the important health message contained within, Citron Hygiene have also been handing out merchandise in the form of our Global Handwashing Day bookmark and running a colouring competition for children of all ages to enter. Entries have been flooding in, watch this space for news of the winners soon!

Find out more information on the importance of handwashing with soap and sanitising here