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Waste Management

What is PPE and Why Is It So Important?

The need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) within your business is paramount to ensure the safety of employees and visitors. Hygiene and safety expectations have been elevated following the... Read more

Are Lateral Flow Tests Clinical Waste?

With covid-19 cases rising across the UK impacted by new, more transmissible variants of the virus, there are plans to roll out lateral flow devices to secondary schools and colleges in weeks to come... Read more

How to Dispose of Clinical Waste

  Disposing and managing clinical waste in the correct way is very important for any organisation that produces waste that is deemed as hazardous. In the UK there are clear laws in place which... Read more

‘Bag it and Bin it’ – How To Properly Deal with Sanitary Waste Bins

The Importance of Proper Sanitary Waste Disposal Avoid BlockagesFailure to provide feminine hygiene facilities can lead to some unwanted issues. Providing sanitary disposal bags and period... Read more

Don’t waste time on waste management

As any facilities manager will tell you, keeping well-maintained premises is a complex and ever-changing process, which requires a high degree of organisation and operational efficiency. And, of... Read more

The impact of an ageing population on Waste Management

Overall improvements in living standards, health and welfare mean that, as a nation, we are living longer. Whilst on the face of it this is good news, it inevitably means that there are more people... Read more

Do sharps disposal units in Public Washrooms promote drug abuse?

It’s a fact that injecting drug users inject drugs in public washroom facilities.  They then have to dispose of the needle in the cubicle – invariably there is no safe disposal method so the... Read more

How Citron Hygiene adheres to waste legislation

How waste is commercially handled, transported and disposed of is tightly regulated in the UK, and rightly so. For instance, customers needing hazardous waste removed from their premises must... Read more