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Washroom and Hygiene

How to Create a Washroom That's an Extension of Your Brand

Creating a consistent, high-quality customer experience has to be a priority for all businesses. Everything needs to reflect your brand's image positively, from welcoming window displays to bright... Read more

How to Attract Candidates Post-Covid

Recruiting the right talent has always been a complex process, but the global pandemic and recovering economy has thrown even more implications into the mix. Businesses are struggling to fill job... Read more

Public Toilet Complaints to Avoid in 2022

The last thing you want to hear about your business are complaints regarding your public toilets. Everyone’s entitled to good hygiene and that is the bare minimum you should provide to your customers... Read more

How Many Hand Dryers Does Your Business Need?

When designing a commercial washroom there’s a lot to consider. One often overlooked but crucial component of your washroom design is the number of hand dryers you need, and their location. The... Read more

How Many Sanitary Bins Do I Need? 

When designing the layout of your business washroom, it is important to consider providing sanitary bins to ensure you are offering a discreet and hygienic place for washroom users to dispose of... Read more

Sanitary waste legislation in the UK explained

It’s very important to collect and dispose of sanitary waste safely and hygienically. Not only does this help to ensure a clean and hygienic washroom environment for users, but the management of... Read more

How to Increase Repeat Customer Visits to Your Restaurant in 2022?

The pandemic hit the restaurant industry hard, with most businesses forced to rely on takeout and delivery services to stay afloat. Fortunately, the number of customers going to restaurants has begun... Read more

What Factors Are Important to Consumers When it Comes to Public Washroom Experience?

Regardless of the size of your business, the public washroom can make or break a customer experience. After all, it's often the first or last interaction a customer has with a business, and perhaps... Read more

8 Hygiene Facts for The Christmas Season

The festive season is upon us. For many of us, this means winding down and relaxing, and enjoying the season with our friends and family. Although the pandemic has hit people and businesses hard for... Read more

Top Winter Wellness Tips for Your Workplace

Due to the impact of Covid-19 and, as more employees return to the workplace, this year, more than ever is a year that wellbeing should be front of mind for employers and HR teams. It’s vitally... Read more