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Washroom and Hygiene

Issues Faced by People When Using Public or Workplace Washrooms

As times change, the environments we use must change too. Unfortunately, when it comes to public washrooms, changes are not happening fast enough. It’s time to start thinking about how we can provide... Read more

The Office of the Future

Covid-19 has turned our worlds upside down. It’s caused us to change the way we work, the way we shop and even the way we dress. We have quickly and unexpectedly had to adapt to changing rules, for... Read more

The Restaurant of the Future – What to Expect Post Covid-19

The pandemic has affected the restaurant industry massively forcing many restauranteurs who previously focused on dine in alone to adapt and diversify through offering services such as takeaways,... Read more

Government Restart Grants – How Do They Work and Who Are They For?

In an effort to encourage and support businesses as they re-open and demand increases post coronavirus restrictions, the Government have recently announced the new Restart Grant Scheme worth £5... Read more

Hygiene Tips for Supermarkets

Almost a year into the global pandemic and with cases still on the rise, maintaining high hygiene standards and practicing social distancing measures is more important now than ever, especially for... Read more

Hygiene & Safety in the Manufacturing Industry – A Free Guide

Manufacturing plays a significant role in Britain’s economy accounting for just under £300 billion of total exports while also being recognised as the 9th largest manufacturing country in the world... Read more

What Sectors Have the Highest Coronavirus Infection Rates?

Last Updated: 5th February 2021 We have been faced by the challenges of the covid-19 pandemic for well over a year now with each and every individual and business being impacted in numerous... Read more

How to Save Costs in the Washroom

A clean and hygienic washroom environment plays a vital role in the whole customer and employee experience. This has been further emphasised due to the covid-19 pandemic as people’s expectations... Read more

The Battle of Soap vs Sanitiser

We all know practising excellent hand hygiene is vital to maintain top hygiene standards, minimise cross contamination and reduce the spread infection. After all, hands are the main carrier of... Read more

24 Hygiene Facts, Stats & Tips That’ll Shock You

Winter can be filled with unwanted colds and flu viruses and summer can have its hygiene downfalls just as well. It’s vital you practice good hand hygiene, stay safe, keep employees well and... Read more