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Hand Hygiene

Avoid catching a cold this winter: practise proper hand hygiene

Thorough hand washing is one of the most important and effective things that can be done to aid the prevention and control the spread of several illnesses. Effective hand hygiene will reduce the risk... Read more

83% of respondents said touching the washroom door handle is a washroom hygiene issue

 Ignaz Semmelweis  The beginning of hygiene awareness We all remember being told how to wash our hands by our parents and teachers at school but where does the history of washroom hygiene... Read more

Dermatitis on your hands: Ideas to help

Hand irritant contact dermatitisHands that are itchy, sore and inflamed due to contact dermatitis is a common, yet often preventable condition many people suffer from. Caused by touching or immersing... Read more

Getting a Handle on Workplace Sickness with Cannon Touch

We rarely stop to think about how many different things our hands touch in a working day. From coffee cups to computers, phones to photocopiers our hands are busy. Handling many items that are... Read more

A Touching End To Dirty Washroom Door Handles

Picture the scene: You’ve just used the washroom facilities at work and you’ve carefully washed and dried your hands.  You now face the onerous task of leaving the washroom!  You know door... Read more