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Citron Hygiene's Design a Difference Competition for Primary and High Schools

Citron Hygiene, a specialist hygiene services company and a supplier on the CPC Washroom Services Framework Agreement, are raising awareness within schools on the importance of environmental and... Read more

Reducing Citron’s CO2 Footprint Through Electrification of Their Fleet

Building Healthy Spaces, Inside and Out Citron Hygiene’s strapline is building healthy spaces, and this doesn’t just mean within indoor facilities. We are passionate about building healthy spaces... Read more

Supporting World Water Day 2020

World Water Day is an annual event that brings awareness about the importance of water in our society. The population of the planet continues to grow which inevitably means a depletion of... Read more

10 Ways to Make Your Hotel More Eco-Friendly

Sustainable tourism is not only a rising trend but a necessity in this day and age. In fact, a report from revealed how almost three-quarters of travellers (72%) believe we need... Read more

Save Water in your Business – Protect Future Resources

An increasing population combined with climate change has been found to be the main causes of increasing stress on global water supplies. These pressures mean we could be potentially facing a... Read more

Look After Water to Look After Wildlife

It’s easy to take water for granted. After all, you turn the tap and there it is: fresh, clean and apparently limitless. But as we wake up to mankind’s impact on the planet, perhaps it will come as... Read more

World Oceans Day 2019 – Putting Our Planet Before Plastic

World Oceans Day takes place annually on the 8th June and aims to raise awareness about the issues our beautiful oceans face whilst also celebrating the significant role it plays in our lives. ... Read more

What causes fatbergs and how to prevent them

We are increasingly hearing more and more stories in the news of fatbergs. The increase has been caused by our changing habits, Britain’s plastic crisis and ultimately what we pour down our sinks and... Read more

Providing eco-friendly floorcare solutions - Earth Day 2019

The Earth is currently facing a myriad of environmental problems and worrying trends that have increased at an alarming rate.These trends and issues that include waste, climate change and air... Read more

The Citron Hygiene WWE Project explained

At Citron Hygiene we’re absolutely committed to reducing the environmental impact of our company and helping our customers to do the same. We’re doing this through our WWE Project. What is the... Read more