Roller & Paper Towels

Damp hands can lead to the spread of germs around your building. It is therefore very important to provide effective and hygienic hand drying facilities in your washroom and/or kitchen.

Roller Towel Cabinets

Our roller towel cabinets are stylish, effective and designed to withstand heavy usage. Fresh, clean and sanitised roller towels are supplied by Citron Hygiene in two styles, so you can choose between white/blue stripes or plain white as standard. Your supply will be maintained and used roller towels replaced with as part of our managed solution.

Paper Towel Dispensers

For those establishments requiring paper towels, we have a complete range of premium grade paper and various options for paper dispensing, with white, black and metallic paper towel dispensers available. You can order your replacement paper from Citron Hygiene and in many cases, we will provide the dispensers free of charge.