Fab Little Bag

Eco-friendly, sustainably source disposal bags for tampons and pads

FabLittleBags allow individuals to hygienically transfer used tampons and pads to a sanitary disposal bin without fear of contamination, mess and with confidence.

When FabLittleBags are used in conjunction with a sanitary disposal bin, you are helping to protect the personal hygiene of individuals, the sanitary bin from contamination, as well as protecting the environment by stopping sanitary waste being flushed and ending up in our oceans.

Full Details

Innovative, Environmentally Friendly Bags for Disposal of Sanitary Products 

The eco-friendly choice for the disposal of tampons, pads and other menstrual hygiene products, the Fab Little Bag is designed to allow washroom users to place their waste in the bag before disposing of in a sanitary bin. Not only does this reduce cross contamination but can also reduce the amount of waste ending up in our oceans and minimise malodours. The Fab Little Bag is easy and convenient to use; opening one handed and seals closed; protecting hands from used items on the way in, and sealing the items inside. At a time when hygiene expectations are high, the Fab Little Bag demonstrates your business' commitment to taking hygiene and the environment seriously. Enquire about the Fab Little Bag by using the form on this page or call us on 08000 66 55 52

The Fab Little Bag product is available via a rental contract with servicing provided to fill up your dispensers on a regular basis.



Technical Specifications

  • Protects Individual Personal Hygiene
  • Environmentally Conscious - demonstrates a feel good, disposal method encouraging binning which helps stop aquatic pollution and fatbergs caused by flushing
  • Sustainably Sourced - 60% renewable sugarcane, 10% renewable cornstarch, 30% recycled material
  • Prevents Odours - it seals closed locking in all the odour, reducing mess and embarrassment, ensuring a much better experience for customers, not to mention fewer plumbing call-outs and complaints
  • Prevents Blockages - promotes binning, not flushing; saving you money on blocked pipes and blockages as well as avoiding reputation damage
  • Service - easy self service or serviced aligned to sanitary bin servicing reputation

Service Schedule

Installed by our Certified Hygiene Technicians

Monthly service frequency