Foot Pedal Operated Sanitary Bin

Promoting a Safe and Hygienic Environment

These foot pedal operated sanitary bins promote a safe and hygienic washroom environment for all. The integral foot pedal enables hands-free operation which minimises the chances of cross-infection and facilitates fast liner servicing. Get in touch to enquire about your business's needs.

    Full Details

    Attractive Sanitary Bins in Black/Chrome Design

    Incorrect disposal of hygiene items can lead to all sorts of problems including unwanted plumbing issues and costs and not to mention the potential spread of infection. To ensure washroom users’ can dispose of their waste safely and hygienically, we have developed our sanitary hygiene product range including our foot pedal operated unit. Featuring an integrated foot pedal and a smaller flap to reduce the disposal of unnecessary waste, this bin can also be placed on either side of the cubicle as it has a bi-sided cover. This unit is available in a sleek black and chrome finish that will complement the décor of almost any washroom. Our liner replacement service means that a hygiene expert will visit your site to change the liner, and then disinfect and clean the unit on site. That way, your unit doesn’t get marked or damaged and stays looking better for longer. In addition to this, our team of certified technicians will arrange a servicing schedule with you, so you always know when to expect us.

    Where Can These Sanitary Bins Be Used?

    This personal hygiene unit is suitable for use in all-female, male, and gender-neutral washrooms. In addition to this, it’s suitable for feminine hygiene waste and incontinence waste, however, please be advised that this unit is not to be used for nappy disposal.

    With over 40 years of industry experience, Citron Hygiene are proud to provide reliable and innovative hygiene services across England, Scotland and Wales, so whatever your business needs we will be more than happy to help. Why not get in contact with our friendly team today and get your quick quote.

    Available Colours

    • Black/Chrome

    Technical Specifications

    • Foot-pedal model for hands-free operation
    • The protective lid insert aids fast and hygienic servicing
    • The unit features a patented bi-sided cover – this unit can be placed on either side of the cubical for ease of use
    • Includes side latches allowing for easy opening of the cover which enables fast replacement of unit liners
    • E-card included in all units, a natural anti-microbial germicide which eradicates 99.999% of bacteria that enter and grow in sanitary units
    • The e-card is also proven to be effective against enveloped viruses including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Hep B, Hep C, Herpesviridae and HIV and is proven to last at least 6 weeks
    • With our liner replacement service, we change the liner then clean & disinfect the unit on site


    Capacity (L)
    23 or 15