The Citron Pebble Mini Hand Dryer

Stylish but compact

Unique and innovative design coupled with next generation engineering. Instantly a best in class hand dryer.
The Pebble Mini fits on the Terra 4 back plate, making it the ultimate Plug & Play model, at a great value range dryer price.
A high quality, low-cost hand dryer that would be a fitting finish to any stylish washroom, the Plug & Play offers an easy to use snap in/out system, removing the need for skilled labour. The unique design is stand out, but the noise level isn’t.
The sleek and modern look is matched by its good performance.


Full Details

ION PURE Technology

ION PURE is a soluble glass solution containing antimicrobial metal ions that’s impregnated into the Pebble shell during the manufacturing
process – creating a germ and bacteria resistant finish.

How does it work?
Silver and Copper metal ions have antimicrobial properties that kill bacteria. Glass retains metal as ions and releases them gradually in the presence
of water or moisture. So, the materials are mixed together to create a solution that can be added to a product at the manufacturing stages – giving it an inbuilt layer of protection against bacteria.

The Science of ION PURE
The Silver and Copper metal ions infused in the glass solution have an antimicrobial effect on bacteria because they penetrate or affix to their cell membranes. When the metal ions break through the cell’s membrane, they block the cells respiration and attach to their DNA, preventing growth. By disrupting and compromising the cells structural integrity, the metal ions cause catastrophic structural failure, which ultimately leads to the elimination of the bacteria.

Dryer VS paper costs
Cost of annual energy usage: £6.00 against a paper towel cost of £375.00. A saving of £369 = 98%*


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Service Schedule

Installed by our Certified Hygiene Technicians


Height 264mm
Width 270mm
Depth 134mm
Weight 2kg
Colours, Black, White, Silver
Voltage 220–240v 50Hz
Power 800w
IP Rating - IPX3
Noise Level - 78dB at 1m
Easy to install by Citron Engineers. Requires a fused spur