The 3D Smart Dry

Powerful Automatic Hand Dryer

The 3D Smart Dry is the first hand dryer to automatically adjust to the surrounding ambient air temperature, so you get comfortable, warm air in the winter and energy savings in the summer making it cost-efficient and eco-friendly. 


Full Details

Eco-Friendly Commercial Hand Dryer

  • High Speed Hand Dryer – dries hands in under 10 seconds
  • Hygienic - filters air through a triple HEPA Grade 13 filter removing 99.9% of all airborne particles
  • No touch – infrared sensor for automatic operation, reduces spread of infection
  • Low noise level – 70dBA at one metre
  • Tough & long lasting with a heavy duty stainless steel casing, ideal for all high traffic washrooms
  • Compact design takes up less room without compromising on performance
  • Easy to install by Citron Engineers. Requires a fused spur
  • Weight 3.3 kg

Our 3D Smart Dry automatic hand dryer won't look out of place in any business' washroom. To upgrade your commercial hand dryers, get in touch with our team to enquire.  

Service Schedule

Installed by our Certified Hygiene Technicians

Annual service frequency