Flushing & Sanitising

Prices are always on the increase and water is becoming a scarce resource. This means it is incredibly important for businesses to use water intelligently and provide clean, hygienic washroom facilities.

Reducing Water Usage in Washrooms

The likelihood is that there are areas of your business which can be made more efficient when it comes to saving water. Improving efficiencies can reduce your water costs by up to 90%. Today’s technology means that taking action to reduce water usage does not have to compromise the quality of service in your washrooms. 

You can also Calculate the Savings you could make with our innovative washroom technology. 

Washroom Sanitation Services

It is important to keep your washrooms clean and hygienic. Citron’s range of sanitisers are specifically designed to make sure your washroom environment remains hygienic for users.

With our consultative approach, Citron Hygiene work with you to implement solutions that will ensure your washroom delivers efficiency and minimises the use of scarce resources. Most importantly, we will ensure you do not compromise on providing high quality washroom facilities.

Have a look at our water management systems, flushing options & sanitising range.