Powerful Electrostatic Disinfectant Service

As businesses adapt to the ‘new normal’, creating a safe and clean environment to protect all who come and go is more important than ever before. Whilst daily surface cleaning will remove some surface level dirt and bacteria, this may not properly disinfect surfaces that are particularly hard to reach. In order to effectively eliminate germs and bacteria from shared surfaces and spaces, a deeper cleaning solution is required. Citron Hygiene’s Sani-Plus electrostatic spraying service is the solution. 

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About the Sani-Plus Service

The Sani-Plus service utilises innovative electrostatic spray technology and uses Clorox T60 – a chemical that is highly effective at killing 44 different pathogens in just 2 minutes. This includes viruses such as avian influenza, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and viruses from the coronavirus family strain. The electrostatic system works by charging the chemical (Clorox T60) inside the spray machine that when charged creates a force stronger than gravity. The solution is forced out of the electrostatic sprayer and this powerful force, plus the electrostatic charge enables it to uniformly wrap around objects and surfaces for 360-degree coverage.  

The Sani-Plus service is the ideal solution for gyms, restaurants, hotels, schools and offices with wall coverings, furnishings and equipment that is time-consuming to disinfect with hand-held triggers. and where it would be time-consuming to mask off all areas before traditional fogging can take place.


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Have a peace of mind and be safe in the knowledge that your premises are as safe as possible for all your employees, visitors and customers.  Get in touch with Citron Hygiene to get a quote for the most comprehensive disinfection service; The Sani-Plus.  

Technical Specifications

  • 360 ° coverage across all areas in your facility. Disinfects areas that cannot be seen.
  • Immediate re-entry and no dwell time equalling minimal disruption to your business
  • Our highly trained technicians offer this service to businesses across the UK.
  • Coverage of 18,000 square foot per hour
  • Peace of mind that hidden bacteria and viruses are found and treated.
  • Different spray modes to accommodate all areas and surfaces determined by the operative for maximum performance.

Service Schedule

A Flexible Service can be provided.