Image Mats

Image Mats

Make a bold statement and visually promote your brand with a bespoke image mats from Citron Hygiene.

Today’s manufacturing technology allows for spectacularly detailed designs to be displayed on our mats in exceptionally high quality. Our image mats are still highly efficient at trapping dirt and moisture, as well as being long lasting, which decreases the burden on the environment by reducing landfill waste.

High Quality Graphic Mats

Whether you want to showcase your company logo, a key statement or a particular picture, our image mats are the ideal solution for making sure you give people entering your premises a great impression. Citron’s image mats are made using anti-fade fabric to ensure that the mats continue to look great no matter how many times they are used.  

Our image mats are also part of our lift and lay service, meaning we will regularly come and replace your old mats and replace them with professionally laundered mats. This means your mats will always look stunning and remain effective.