Heavy Duty Scraper

Citron Hygiene are industry leaders in managed floorcare solutions. Our mats and floorcare services are backed up by renowned customer service. All of our mats are designed to actively trap dirt and grime, protecting your floors from wear and helping to keep your facility clean.

Hard Wearing Mats

The Heavy Duty Scraper has been specially designed for heavy duty and outdoor use. This mat acts as an effective first line of defence in all weather conditions. Placing them at the entrance to your building will reduce the dirt and moisture being brought into your building. The Heavy Duty Scraper mat will trap deposits of mud, snow, sand and grit.

Citron’s lift and lay replacement service means your heavy duty mats will be professionally laundered on a regular basis, which will ensure that they remain effective at trapping dirt and moisture.

Protect your floors, keep your premises safe and reduce cleaning costs with our Heavy Duty Scraper mats.