Floorcare Consumables

In addition to supplying a full range of managed floorcare solutions, Citron Hygiene complement this service with a collection of specific floorcare products.

We have named this our Floorcare Consumables range and here you can find further information on leading floorcare products that are designed to help keep your floors clean and most importantly safe.

Floorcare Products for Safe Floors

Taking precautions to ensure safe floors around your premises can help ensure the safety of your staff and visitors to your premises. When you take into consideration hat 50% of all reported accidents are due to slips and trips, it is important to take the required action to make your floors as safe as possible. 

Our floorcare products can be ordered direct from Citron Hygiene. Please remember to order your refill products from us too. Our team of advisors will help you manage stock levels and ensure that you do not run out of floorcare essentials.