Cytotoxic & Cytostatic Medicinal Waste

Safe disposal of cyto pharmaceutical waste

Citron Hygiene provide a professional service for the correct and safe method of disposing of cyto pharmaceutical waste with our range of approved cyto bins. Using the UN approved colour coding system our lidded units provide a suitable method for the disposal of cyto-toxic and cyto-static medicinal waste.

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Safe Medicinal Waste Disposal

The correct disposal of pharmaceutical products such as prescription drugs and medicines that are out of date is an important health and safety requirement. Citron Hygiene provides an effective waste disposal system, which guarantees the safe disposal of pharmaceutical and out of date prescription medicines.

Our cytotoxic and cytostatic medicinal waste units are available in a range of sizes including 11.5 litres, 30 litres and 60 litres, so you can choose the most suitable unit size for the amount of medicinal waste produced. All our units are compliant with the latest legislation to ensure that your facility adheres to strict government waste legislation.

The units offer either an aperture with cover lid or fully removable solid lid for convenient disposal of larger items. If you would like to find out more about our medicinal waste disposal services, then please contact our team for more information.

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Available sizes (Litres):
11.5 / 30 / 60