Covid-19 Lateral Flow Testing Waste Management

As the UK and the rest of the world continues to tackle the Covid-19, the use of lateral flow tests are just one way to find out if someone has the coronavirus. By finding out if someone has the virus particularly as many people with coronavirus are asymptomatic, this means the person can then self-isolate and this reduces the potential of the infection spreading across the wider community.

How Lateral Flow Testing is Being Used

To tackle the spread of Covid-19, particularly as new, more transmissible variants are spreading; schools, care homes and other settings are now testing people such as students, staff, care home workers and visitors using lateral flow tests. If testing takes place, it must be conducted in a safe way; which includes the correct disposal and management of waste.

Lateral Flow Device and PPE Waste Disposal Services

There are several types of waste associated with LFD testing. Waste includes outer packaging from the test, device waste itself and PPE waste. Outer packaging can be placed in the normal municipal route however it is advised that both LFD and PPE waste should be placed in separate tiger bags to avoid potential cross contamination and reduce risk associated with the waste. Citron Hygiene can support your site with our safe and professional waste disposal services supplying the tiger bags along with collection of full bags and disposal on a pre-agreed schedule. Along with the bags, we will also provide E-cards to go inside the bags that include Activap that effectively kills any virus contained inside the bag; rendering them covid-safe. We will also provide red tags so you can segregate the waste and distinguish between the different types of waste. With PPE needing to be changed after every test; our experts will find out your requirements to work out the number of bags you may need for both PPE waste and LFD waste, and the collection frequency.

With over 45 years’ experience in waste management, you can have assurance that all waste will be dealt with in the proper manner to ensure complete compliance. The Citron Shop also offers a range of PPE and hygiene supplies so you can conduct testing safely including hand sanitiser and gloves. Talk to our team today to find out about lateral flow test and PPE waste disposal services and learn how we can help.

Hygiene Solutions for a Covid-Secure Business

In addition to Citron Hygiene’s waste disposal services, we offer a wide range of services and products that can help your business be Covid-secure. If your waste is being stored in storage rooms, Citron Hygiene can offer our Sani-Plus Professional Disinfection service that can kill viruses such as coronavirus and influenza on surfaces in just 5 minutes.