Soft Clinical Waste Disposal Units

Provide medical bins for the correct disposal of medical waste

It is extremely important for producers of medical waste to provide medical bins. This allows for the correct method of disposal to ensure a healthy and hygienic environment for both staff and members of the public.  

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Medical Waste Bins

Citron Hygiene provide a high quality selection of medical bins. Our soft clinical waste disposal units are supplied with an ecard sanitising treatment, which guards against cross-infection, odour and the growth of harmful bacteria. These medical bins provide the best clinical waste management service possible.

Whether you are an occasional producer, or you produce high volumes of such waste, we provide a safe and auditable disposal method. We offer the disposal of soft clinical waste items such as dressings, gloves, swabs and gowns into manageable and effective medical bins.

Service Schedule

Medical Bins are installed by our Hygiene Technicians

Developing and improving the customer experience that we provide is our main priority and we have full commitment in raising the bar. Our Hygiene Technicians represent a significant amount of the interaction we undertake with our customers, therefore we have introduced our HT (Hygiene Technician) programme to ensure consistency in delivery and that customers receive the highest quality service in the industry.

Servicing for Your Clinical Waste Disposal

Here at Citron Hygiene, exceeding the expectations of our customers is at the forefront of our goals. We take great pride in our services of supplying the relevant solutions which are of best value to you and your organisation. We operate on a 6 weekly as standard service basis for our soft medical waste disposal service which provides our customers with more frequently available services throughout the period of their contract to bring the best service to each and every customer in comparison to an opposing service provider. 


Coventry & Warwickshire Partnership Trust

By choosing these disposal services the Trust takes advantage of the protection provided by the best germicide available on the market. ActivapTM kills 99.999% of bacteria in units (medical bins) thereby providing outstanding defence against bacteria, protecting patients and employees on the Trust’s premises.


50L Unit