Soft Clinical Waste Bag Service for Incineration Only

Yellow bags to indicate that waste is suitable for incineration only.

Surgical dressings, swabs, gloves, gowns, clothing and other similar soft items can be infectious. These items are defined as soft clinical waste and must be disposed of by incineration only in accordance with strict government legislation.

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Incinerating Soft Clinical Waste

Our waste disposal bags provide for the safe disposal of soft clinical waste that has been chemically and/or medically contaminated, meaning it must be incinerated. Whether you are a high volume producer or occasional producer of such waste, Citron Hygiene provide a safe, reliable and auditable disposal method.

Yellow bags are used to indicate that waste is suitable for incineration only. All clinical waste disposal bags must be properly tied and marked with a code number on removal, to ensure that the audit trail can be followed. Our Hygiene Technicians are highly trained and understand what needs to be done to safely dispose of clinical waste.

Service Schedule

Installed by our Hygiene Technicians

We are fully committed to developing and improving our customer experience. So, as we understand that our Hygiene Technicians are a huge part of your daily interaction with us we have introduced our HT (Hygiene Technician) programme.


Weekly Service Frequency

We pride ourselves in providing relevant, best value solutions for you and your organisation. Due to the nature of waste being disposed of a weekly service frequency is necessary, ensuring your responsibilities to staff, customers and other stakeholders are met. 


Dimensions (mm)
Height: 950, Width: 710