Hard Clinical Waste Disposal Units

Clinical waste bins are an effective and compliant method of disposal

Our clinical bins are specifically designed for hard items deemed as clinical waste such as single use instruments (not sharps). The units offer either an aperture with a hinged flap or fully removable solid lid so that larger items can be disposed of conveniently. The yellow lid indicates that the contained waste should be treated by incineration.

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Hazardous Waste Bins

Hard Clinical Waste Bins provide for the safe and correct disposal of hard clinical items and instruments that are not sharp. These items will be contaminated with blood or body fluid meaning they could still be considered hazardous and should be transported in approved containers for appropriate disposal. The Citron Hygiene team are waste disposal experts and will be able to guide you through the process and ensure you are totally compliant with government legislation. This helps to remove any risks associated with hazardous waste handling and disposal.

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Clinical Waste Bin Services Installed by our Hygiene Technicians

We are dedicated to improving our consumer experience and we recognise that our Hygiene Technicians play a significant role when it comes to service. This is why we have introduced the Hygiene Technician (HT) training programme to ensure you have an exceptional service experience every time. 


Citrons Monthly Service Frequency to Your Organisation

It is important that we not only live up to your expectations, but also exceed them. This is why we supply the relevant clinical waste solutions that represents best value for you and your organisation.

We operate on a monthly service basis, meaning our customers have access to more services over the period of their contract. We aim to deliver customer service excellence.


Greater Manchester Clinical Assessment & Treatment Service

CATS provide fast and convenient access to high quality diagnostics and clinical assessment for people in the Greater Manchester Area. Utilising mobile clinical units, health centres, GP practices and local leisure facilities to deliver services in the heart of the community.



Choose a clinical waste bin, which best suits your needs. Our clinical disposal units are available in three different sizes (in litres):
22 / 30 / 60