Clinical Waste Disposal

Safe management of clinical waste is vitally important for any organisation that produces hazardous waste. In the UK there is strict legislation in place to protect both the environment and people from being harmed by clinical waste.

Clinical Waste Management

At Citron Hygiene, our focus is to provide the best possible clinical waste management service. We offer the assurances that your clinical waste is professionally dealt with by our dedicated team of certified clinical waste disposal experts. Citron Hygiene will ensure that your clinical waste requirements utilise the very latest technologies to increase recycling, reduce landfill waste and stay ahead of any legislative changes.

Our clinical waste containers ensure proper segregation and are fitted with our highly efficient sanitising treatment, ECard, which renders clinical waste harmless. This give you the assurance that clinical waste is being correctly stored and treated. We provide an audit trail from the point of collection to ultimate clinical waste disposal in compliance with Health & Safety and Duty of Care Regulation.

Our medical bins and clinical waste bins sanitation solutions kill 99.99% of bacteria.