Citron Sani-Defence

Disinfect to Protect

Disinfection is different from cleaning. Cleaning is the activity of making things sanitary, in a domestic or commercial environment whereas disinfection is the process that effectively kills or eliminates disease carrying microorganisms and prevents infection. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses must take extra precautions moving forward to ensure their business is really safe and hygienic. In addition to daily cleaning, you may be looking for added protection. The Citron Sani-Defence fogging service is the solution.

Citron Sani-Defence will keep your employees and visitors safe and reduce the spread of harmful bacteria that may cause infectious diseases such as Covid-19. Our Disinfect Services can lift hygiene levels in your business, giving you a new boost whilst reassure people on your premises that you take hygiene seriously. You may be worried about finding your feet again however with our help you can eliminate disease in your premises.

The Citron Sani-Defence Disinfection Cleaning Service

Maximum Coverage and Safety

Certificate for Sani-DefenceThe Citron Sani-Defence service uses a highly effective virucide that is suitable for air, surface and water disinfection,  that has proven reliability in combatting the spread of COVID-19 Coronavirus and other types of viruses. Documented by scientific researchers and laboratory tests it provides 99.9% disinfecting ability and is effective for all types of commercial premises including offices, restaurants and commercial kitchens, gyms, healthcare facilities and public service buildings.

The disinfectant is fogged on surfaces using specialist equipment by our trained technicians.  Depending on the size of the building two technicians usually conduct the disinfection service after-hours or when the facility is largely empty of people. It’s vital that the sites treated remain empty for 1-2 hours post service to allow the chemicals and surfaces to play their part. We can work around you and what works best for your organisation.

All customers that use the Citron Sani-Defence solution, will receive a signed Certificate of Completion that can be prominently displayed as confirmation that you are doing all you can to combat the spread of viruses.

Product Details

  • Odour, colour and taste free
  • Forms no harmful by-products
  • Non-toxic & pH neutral when dosed
  • Proven efficacy & globally approved
  • NSF ANSI/CAN 60 Certified
  • DEFRA Approved Disinfectant

Sani-Defence Services Near You

Citron Hygiene have a local servicing approach meaning no matter where your business is based, you could benefit from our disinfection service.

Our fully trained staff will highlight your high-risk hot spots, provide advice for future good hygiene practices, as well as arranging with our technicians to treat all required areas at a suitable time. You can reassure your staff that your environment is safe from infection with Citron Hygiene’s disinfection services. We can also provide an ongoing disinfection process to minimise no future trace of bacteria.

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We are passionate about helping commercial spaces and businesses stand strong after a damaging virus outbreak. If you would like to get a quote or find out more information about Citron Sani-Defence, get in contact with the Citron Hygiene team and we’ll be happy to help answer any queries you may have.