The New Normal - Hygiene Habits After Coronavirus

changing hygiene habits post coronavirus survey report At Citron Hygiene, we have more than 45 years’ experience providing washroom services, pest control and facilities supplies to a hugely diverse range of businesses around the world. It’s fair to say that the coronavirus outbreak of 2020 has presented our customers with some completely unprecedented challenges. We have a huge amount of knowledge and experience within our organisation and we take our responsibility as a recognised essential service incredibly seriously.

Throughout the pandemic we have worked closely with all our customers to help them continue to operate as effectively as possible while containing the spread of this deadly virus.

As the country continues to gradually emerge from lockdown, British businesses will need increased disinfection services and products to help them get back to work safely and productively. We’re aware that, for many employers, the coronavirus will completely transform the way they work. And consumers too are adapting to a ‘new normal’.

In response, we commissioned this research to give British businesses an insight into their colleagues’ and customers’ attitudes to hygiene in a post-coronavirus world and this free report takes a look at the results and what they mean. To gather nationally representative data, we surveyed 2,000 UK adults. The online survey was conducted by OnePoll for Citypress on 1st and 2nd July, 2020.

In this report: 

•    Learn how hygiene habits have changed before and after coronavirus 
•    What consumers and employees are most anxious about when it comes to returning to the workplace and public places 
•    What the longer term implications of behavioural changes caused by the pandemic may be 
•    What solutions businesses can put in place to overcome changing attitudes and consumer concerns
•    What the future looks like beyond Coronavirus

Who will benefit from reading this report?

Business owners or managers from all sectors such as hospitality, leisure, education and the public sector who want to gain an understanding of attitudes towards hygiene in a post-coronavirus world. This report is designed so that businesses can gain a better understanding of the challenges presented, how businesses can adapt and how they can make plans for continued growth. 

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