Anti Fatigue Mats

Care for your staff by providing a comfortable working environment.
Our anti fatigue matting is specially constructed from premier rubber to provide a cushioned surface to stand on for long periods encouraging blood circulation to prevent fatigue.

Anti fatigue matting

  • Kitchens
  • Porches
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Public spaces


Full Details

The Benefits of Anti Fatigue Matting

Standing on hard surfaced floors can have a number of negative effects including lower back pain, muscle stiffness and restricted blood circulation. This has a detrimental effect on the energy levels of the individual, as standing for long periods of time in the same place uses 20% more energy than sitting down. This means that staff who stand up whilst working are more susceptible to fatigue and this reduces their productivity. This has a negative impact for the employer as well as the individual.  

Anti fatigue mats help to address problems associated with continuous standing. Our range of anti fatigue mats will help to reduce fatigue and increase concentration amount staff to improve efficiency.  

The ergonomic design of Citron Hygiene's anti fatigue mats (supplied within a process of anti fatigue matting) provides comfort for staff who are on their feet for an extended length of time during their working day, such as production line, bar and reception staff. In addition, to provide highly effective anti fatigue matting, our lift and lay service professionally cleans mats providing a hygienic service.

Technical Specifications

  • Manufactured from premium rubber - water resistant, resilient to impact and easily cleaned through standard industrial laundry processes.
  • Fresh, clean, laundered anti-fatigue mat replaced everytime. Our standard ‘lift and lay’ mat service is monthly.
  • Excellent stability and slip resistance.
  • Our anti-fatigue mats are available in 4 standard sizes, black only.
  • (Note: these mats are not a form of dust mat)

Service Schedule

Mats - Installed by our Hygiene Technicians

We are fully committed to developing and improving our customer experience. So, as we understand that our Hygiene Technicians are a huge part of your daily interaction with us we have introduced our HT (Hygiene Technician) programme.


Hygienic Mats - Monthly Service Frequency

We understand it is you the customer who decides if we live up to & exceed your expectations, we pride ourselves in providing relevant, best value solutions for you and your organisation. This is why we operate on a monthly service basis, giving you more services over your contract period than a like for like service provider.


Available sizes (cm):
Available colours:
60 X 84 / 84 X 139 / 119 X 178 / 84 X 297